Our Story

Whitelyan.com arose from a desire to aid in the development of modern people’s self-confidence.

What began as a fitness, lifestyle, food, and travel website evolved into a place where people could get advise on how to live their lives freely and fully through personal growth, self-care, and travel, as well as a smattering of lifestyle issues.

After living through the cycle of fear and self-doubt for over a decade, the writer, Divina, realized she wanted to empower herself through fear and self-doubt.

She felt that she was never good at anything she tried, so she wanted to change that. She discovered she had a passion for assisting others in realizing their full potential, whatever that might be.

This website is designed to help women who are overloaded, overworked, undervalued, and overall defeated, as well as those who believe they have failed and will never achieve. You are more powerful than you ever imagined.

Whitelyan.com can help you realize your full potential.