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Wedding Items You Mustn’t Save On

Wedding - Mamie - September 25, 2020

Wedding is a very important event for a couple and, surely, it must be perfect. It doesn’t mean that you must take a credit and spend money thoughtlessly. Still, there are some wedding items that you mustn’t save on.

1. Photo session

Many couples regret that they haven’t invited a photographer to capture their wedding. The original and funny photos will always remind you one of the happiest days in your life.

2. Professional video

It is important to remember not only about photos, but also about the video. The wedding day will fly by, but you will have a professionally made video. It will be so pleasant to hear the vows and touching wishes from your family or watch the first dance when you want to refresh the memories.

3. Beautiful underwear

The right underwear can change the look of your wedding dress. Therefore, ask a bridal consultant about the lingerie that matches best your dress, and buy the best one you can afford. Beautiful underwear will help you to feel yourself confident and attractive.

4. Fabulous veil

There is the only chance for you to wear a beautiful veil or a tiara, unless you plan to marry one more time. Don’t skimp on it, go and buy the veil you dreamed about.

5. Hairdo and makeup

Probably, you can make up and do hair, but a professional stylist knows better what makeup is good for on-camera look. Chatting with your bridesmaids and drinking a glass of champagne, while the stylist does your make up and hair, will relax you before the ceremony.

6. Professional photo album

You can create an album by yourself, but your wedding photographer knows how to put your photos in the best way. You can even work together and design a unique collection of the happiest moments of your wedding.

7. Honeymoon

Think about the place you’ve always dreamed to go. Even if you don’t have enough money, such websites like can pay a part of your trip, from air tickets to dinners.

Your wedding is the event that happens once in the life, therefore don’t save on these items.

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