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Some Major Do’s and Dont for Med Spa on Tipping

Med Spa - Mamie - April 20, 2022

Living in a time where the “med spa” has become commonplace, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of etiquette when deciding whether or not to tip your esthetician. Sure, they technically work for a living and may work on commission, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to tip them.

It’s also customary to provide a gratuity for hairstylists, manicurists, massage therapists, etc. Some salons do not allow their employees to accept tips and will treat any compensation given in kind. If you want to know about the various do’s, and dont’s for Medical Spa NJ on tipping, you can stay connected and enhance your knowledge.

DO’s –

  • Treat the Med Spa Like a Restaurant

It is a good idea because the majority of the time, your esthetician will not be making as much money as you may think.

  • Set Expectations Before Services

That’s a great idea because it’s better to be acknowledged and appreciated for tipping in advance than to be treated like an amateur who just discovered her first time around the block.

  • Be Prepared to Tip at the Time of Services

That’s a good idea because sometimes, there may be confusion on who will be paying, and you’ll want to take care of things promptly, so it doesn’t turn out like an awkward episode of Cheaters.

  • Tip with Cash

It is a good idea because you can have your tip right there in your hand, so it’s easier to give the service provider without the risk of losing your money or having to ask for change.

  • Tip Based on the Amount of Time It Takes

It is a great idea because everyone deserves to be tipped following the amount of work put into doing their job, even if it only requires 20 minutes to complete.

  • Ask Questions & Share What You Want

It’s a good idea because your esthetician should be able to take notes and remember what you want for your next service, whether it’s just as an update or something brand new.

  • Leave Feedback

It’s nice to know that people are satisfied with their services. However, it will also help them understand what they’re doing right and what they could improve upon in the future.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Return

This is a good idea because you’ll often get exceptional results when you go back for your next service, which will encourage your esthetician to continue providing services to you in the future.

  • No Tipping is Uncivilized

If you don’t tip after service, the person who provided it will feel the same way you would if someone didn’t tip you for the service you did for them.

DON’T’s –

  • Don’t Disrespect the Service

It is a good idea because the esthetician is doing you a favor. A favor that may result in you looking better than you have for some time.

  • Don’t Walk Around Barefoot

It’s a brilliant idea because your esthetician will be touching your feet and toes, also known as “callouses.”

  • Don’t Walk Around Without Telling the Esthetician

This is a good idea because the esthetician will want to know who you are and what you’re thinking about for your services.

  • Don’t Lie to Your Esthetician

It is a good idea because trust is vital in relationships and contracts. If there are any lies or deceit in between, that can damage any relationship.

  • Don’t Ask for Extra Treatments

That’s a great idea because the esthetician will want to know your health history and will begin to customize your services based on what they know.

  • Don’t Walk Around in Your Clothes

It is a good idea because you don’t want to embarrass yourself by walking around in pajamas or sweatpants after work or after running errands all day.

  • Don’t Ask to Change the Time of Service

It’s a good idea because it’s not like your esthetician keeps up with time. They’re working on their feet, and they need to know when to have enough time to do their jobs.

  • Don’t Lie about Your Health

This is a good idea because the esthetician will want to know your health history so they can treat your feet accordingly and make sure that they are not exposed to anything that may cause harm.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Tip at the End of Services

It is a good idea because you’ll have more time to catch up with your esthetician, build trust and leave them some extra to help them in the future.

Since you now know the do’s and don’ts for medspa on tipping, it’s time to step into the way of your next service. Try to stay focused so that you can have better understanding with no doubts involved.

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