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Going For The Shredded Look? Check Out These 6 Supplements

Body Building, Health and Fitness - Mamie - September 9, 2022

Where does the real magic happen – in the kitchen or the gym? Yes, we are talking about that shredded look that you are going for. Both trainers and dieticians will answer the question in their own way. But like most debatable issues – there is always a middle ground.

If you want a lean and ripped look, there are two main steps – reducing the extra fat in your body and bulking up by muscle growth. This cannot be achieved by diet or training alone. Even body fat which is less than 6% is not considered conducive as fat is an important nutrient. 

The ideal way to get the shredded look is to follow a diet that has enough protein to allow muscle growth and the perfect training plan (customized for your body) with proper rest and sleep. However, sometimes, this is not enough and you may need that extra nudge to achieve your fitness goal. 

Supplements work because they not only increase your fat-burning capacity but also keep you satisfied for a longer time, thereby reducing your snacking and unnecessary calories. 

Here we have compiled a list of 6 supplements that get you shredded

  • Whey Protein

Let’s start with the most commonly known supplement. This is a supplement that promotes muscle growth as it is composed of protein. Whey is the liquid portion that remains when milk is curdled and the curd and whey get separated. Whey protein drastically improves the nutrient profile of your diet.

The ideal time to consume whey protein is after the workout session. The manner of working of this kind of protein is that it first promotes muscle recovery and ultimately leads to those gains that you are looking for.

  • Casein

This is another protein supplement that is used quite a lot. In comparison to whey protein, Casein is digested by the body slowly. This helps the body in sustaining the muscle growth that takes place.

Casein works best when consumed approximately two hours before sleeping. This is because the body is fasting during the night time and muscle growth takes place during this time.

Like whey protein, Casein is also derived from milk. Human milk has low casein content while the milk from buffalo is high in casein (which explains why in some countries, bodybuilders drink buffalo milk).

  • Glutamine

This is one amino acid that is found not just in food but also in our own bodies because the body itself produces it. However, this gets depleted when the body is exercised (also during times of stress) and therefore, supplements need to be taken in order to get the lean and fit look.

Apart from the physical form, Glutamine also ensures that your intestines remain strong. Other impactful benefits of Glutamine include better immunity. In fact, it has been approved as a prescription drug for sickle cell disease by the US drug regulator.

  • CLA

Let’s talk about some supplements that help you burn fat. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is one such supplement which is a fatty acid. The working process of CLA is like this – it burns fat and at the same time reduces the creation of newer fat tissues. 

While this is one supplement that works pretty slowly and takes time to show you results, it is also one which can help you look your best. This is because its unique style of fat burning reduces belly fat, thereby giving you that shredded look you are willing to die for.

  • Creatine

Creatine is often misunderstood when it comes to its role as a supplement. However, when it comes to gaining lean muscle, Creatine is one of the best out there. One of its lesser-known impacts is that it reduces muscle loss and incentivizes fat loss. 

The best part about this supplement is that no adverse effects from its usage have been found. It is, however, said that Creatine makes you feel bloated. This may be because it makes you retain water. But the good aspect is that this water is pulled inside your muscles and not under the skin, meaning that you will not look fatter.

  • Green Tea

Like any other tea, Green Tea is made from plant leaves. There is a fundamental difference between green tea and regular tea (or black tea). The leaves which make up the former do not undergo the wilting and oxidation process that the latter goes through.  

The Chinese have been swearing at the benefits of Green Tea for centuries. The world too has woken up to its role in weight loss. However, there is no direct link between Green Tea and a ripped body. It is a small part of the means to your end. But that is true for fitness in general.

While each of the supplements listed above helps you in some way or the other, it is important to consult your medical professional before you start any of them. This is important because every person’s body and medical condition are different and it is always better to opt for prior consultation. 

At the end of the day, a good diet and training (along with supplements) need to be accompanied by a relatively less stressful life and good sleep for you to actually look like you want to. Consistency is also crucial in all these spheres of fitness in order to achieve results. 

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7 Easy Ways To Tackle Type 2 Diabetes

Health and Fitness - Mamie - August 25, 2022

Millions of people have type 2 diabetes, and this chronic disease can lead to kidney failure, blindness, heart attack, etc., if left unattended. This is why even if you are pre-diabetic, you need to prevent the onset of this medical condition. 

In this article, we will talk about some lifestyle changes that will prevent the onset of this condition.

  1. Follow a healthy diet

The easiest and most crucial step to preventing type 2 diabetes is to follow a healthy diet plan. DCDC recommends a nutrient-rich diet that includes fruits, green veggies, lean protein, eggs, whole grains, water, as well as sugar-free beverages. 

Additionally, supplements like Glucofort can be used for proper nutrition. It helps you with type 2 diabetes by removing ceramides from your blood which is seen as the core reason for diabetes. 

There are a bunch of companies selling these so make sure to check out Glucofort reviews of various brands before zeroing in on one.

On the other hand, sugary drinks. Soda, processed food, food items with trans fat, and alcohol should be avoided as much as possible. You can also drink tea and coffee as the anti-oxidant compounds in these drinks can help you in blood sugar level management. 

  1. Weight management

Weight management is really important and can help pre-diabetic patients. Losing 5% of their body weight can even reverse their pre-diabetic. Maintaining your body weight will help you in the long run. 

You should choose healthy foods low in calories. This helps you with portion control. Following the Plate Method is a good start and is recommended by the ADA as well. 

  1. Regular Exercise

If possible, you can exercise for 30 minutes 7 days a week; else, you should do a minimum of 30 mins 5 days a week. You can get in touch with your doctor and learn about the best exercises for your body type. 

Start by setting up your fitness goals and, over time, increase the intensity of your workout regime for better results. 

  1. Stop Smoking

People who smoke have a 30- 40% higher risk of developing diabetes than those who don’t smoke. Conversely, there are several health benefits if you quit smoking. Studies have shown that insulin works better on non-smokers. This is the hormone responsible for lowering blood sugar levels. 

Heavy smokers are strongly advised to quit smoking as it is linked with diabetes. 

  1. Control high blood pressure

Another risk factor for type 2 diabetes is high blood pressure. A 2015 meta analysis done on more than 4 million healthy adults indicates a higher risk of diabetes in adults with high blood pressure. 

ADA suggests that people with high blood pressure can control this medical condition by choosing food items with less than 400ml of sodium per serving. Replacing salt with spices and herbs is another way. Eating cereals and whole grains while avoiding alcohol also helps. 

Even after all this, if you can’t get it under control, then you can get in touch with your doctor and start taking medications to control your blood pressure. 

  1. Meditate and relax

Too much stress can affect the hormonal balance, which can increase or decrease blood sugar levels in an unexpected manner. This indicates why mental health is essential and how lower stress levels can help you regulate your blood sugar levels. 

A 2018 study shows how increased stress levels also increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Several yoga techniques and meditation can help you relax while providing diabetes-related benefits as well. This includes better insulin production and lower blood sugar levels. 

  1. Lifestyle change program

It can be a little intimidating for individuals to change their lifestyle drastically in a matter of days. Joining any CDC recognised lifestyle change program can help you with these changes. 

These lifestyle change programs offer customized lessons and plans that will slowly guide you through these changes. A trained lifestyle coach with experience will make sure you achieve your lifestyle goals. 

Besides all this, you will be with a group with similar goals. You can interact and share your experience with others, and that can really help you with your journey.

  1. Drink Water

You can limit the consumption of sugar drinks by choosing water instead. Drinks like soda and sweetened fruit juices are often linked with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Drinking such beverages can increase the risk of diabetes by 18%. However, drinking water can result in better insulin response as well as blood sugar levels. 

Bottom Line

By adopting a healthy lifestyle, anyone can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. These easy and effective changes will help you in the long run as well. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, regular exercise, and a controlled diet can pretty much prevent type 2 diabetes in most individuals.

In case you are pre-diabetic, and your blood sugar levels are high no matter what you try, it is advised that you connect with your doctor and start with the medications as soon as possible. This can help you get your diabetes under control at an early stage.  

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How Do PDO Threads Work, And What Are Their Benefits

Health and Fitness - Mamie - April 12, 2022

A thread lift is one of those techniques that go on to tighten and lift your skin using the dissolvable suture. It is less invasive than rhinoplasty and may typically be completed without a knife in less than 45 minutes. PDO thread lifts employ a disposable polyamide suture. They are most suited for skin rejuvenation, but other modern threading lifts operate better in lifting sagging skin.

PDO Thread

PDO Thread Lift is a non-surgical facelift that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles by stretching the epidermis with Polydioxanone threads. PDO threads are divided into three types: cog, single, and screw thread. Each is designed for unique treatments and uses, but the single thread is the best option for fundamental skin renewal and tightness. Doctors typically divide the skin into pieces and use 1 – 15 threads for each place.

It’s also worth noting that an anesthetic is administered to the skin before the process to make the therapy as comfortable for the patient. Needles are utilized to attach and enter the PDO thread into the various layers of facial skin, rapidly pulling and raising the previously drooping skin and tightening and rejuvenating it.

PDO threads have three types as follows:

  • PDO single threads

Silky sutures stimulate collagen production to help revitalize your skin.

  • PDO spindle threads

Those threads feature barbs that hook into the skin like small rusty nails, providing support and lifting to certain areas of your face.

  • PDO screw threads

These threads, which are mainly composed of one or two interlaced threads, are utilized to restore density to hollow areas of your skin.

How do nonsurgical facelifts work with PDO threads?

A small incision near the ear is created, and fine threads are pushed along pre-marked contours. These threads are constructed of polydioxanone (PDO), the same substance used in medical stitches, and dissolves naturally in the human body over time.

Once the thread is in position, the body begins to manufacture new collagen bundles around each thread, resulting in a modest yet effective lift that provides a revitalized and refreshed appearance. There is no scar compared to traditional surgery, and the recovery period is minimal.

The procedure of PDO threads:

The precise procedure used by your surgeon may differ. In principle, it will most likely look like this:

  • Your surgeon will use alcohol to sterilize your face as you lie in a reclined chair. They’ll inject a local anesthetic into your skin using a needle.
  • Your surgeon will use another needle to make a tiny incision and then introduce a gauge tool into the tiny opening.
  • Your surgeon will secure the thread and remove the cannula.
  • They will finish by removing the knot and ensuring it’s securely fastened.

You will be able to leave shortly following the treatment. After that, you need to make a follow-up with your doctor for a few days.

What is the duration?

PDO Threads usually disintegrate after six months. However, this does not indicate that the flesh will revert to sagging. For most people, the benefits of a PDO Thread Lift persist 12 – 24 months due to increased collagen production.

Contribute therapies that individuals can negotiate with their doctor can also be used to extend the results.

What are the benefits of using a PDO Threaded Lift?

PDO Thread Lifts provide rapid recovery and outstanding outcomes. The cosmetic procedure is less intrusive and can be performed under local anesthesia, providing long-lasting effects for a tenth of the expense of surgery. A PDO Threads Uplift is the ideal answer if you need a rapid and effective remedy to various age issues.

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What Are The Treatments For Varicose Veins?

Health and Fitness - Mamie - April 1, 2022

Some of the hormonal fluctuations and added pressure in legs and feet generate the varicose veins. But the fact is these so called unwanted veins are not to be considered to be permanent, they can be temporary and need to be removed before they cause any harm. Lots of treatments and procedures can be followed to remove the vein that is unwanted. Basically, particular type of varicose vein removal procedure is meant to remove the dark red, blue or purple color spots or veins from the calves, legs as well as thighs. In normal conditions these types of varicose veins are considered to be difficult to sight and they particularly serve no reason at all to human vascular system. This simply means that removal of these varicose veins suggests no harm at all to human skin or body. People have got all rights to live life with clean and healthy skin and legs. There is no point at all to live life with any kind of embarrassing situation with varicose veins. Make sure to contact best vein doctors near me.

When such vein removal alternatives are available these should be utilized in time. All of the available vein removing alternatives are simple and effective. Some of the popular vein removal alternative treatment. In the olden times vein removal surgery treatment was considered to be one of the only reliable answers to treat varicose veins. But today with advanced technology coming up in all sections of medical life, some non surgical treatment methods are proving to be far better than the older ones.

In general terms the varicose vein removal surgery is supposed to be risky as well as can at times leave behind some permanent scars on legs, thighs and affected areas. In order to remove the varicose veins you can depend on some of the effective, less intensive treatments, surgeries just like Endovenous Laser Treatment, Sclerotherapy and others. Sclerotherapy is considered to be perfect for some smaller and medium size varicose vein removal. All of the varicose vein removal treatments are considerate to be versatile and effective enough in order to remove all kinds of leg veins as well as spider veins.

Sclerotherapy is considered to be a kind of injection treatment with which the unwanted varicose veins can go away in quick time with lesser pain. ELT or EVLT or in other words Endovenous Laser Treatment is considered to be a specially designed treatment that helps to totally remove the larger varicose veins in legs. Most of the treatments for varicose vein removal fail to offer any sort of control that is present with ELT. Due to this vary reason the ELT is supposed to be one of a kind, a perfect varicose vein removal treatment. ELT utilizes a laser that is inserted in the vein of legs in order to seal the vein from inside. This ELT is considered to be a safer option as compared to vein surgery with a relatively lower chance of scaring. At the Treatment for Varicose Vein Center in Huntsville, Alabama ELT is the remedy of choise.

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