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Shoe Crease Protectors: A Must-Have for Sneaker Lovers

Fashion - Mamie - December 23, 2022

What are Crease shield?

Crease shields are plastic covers that protect your trainers from creases and damage. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are made from a number of different materials .

If you like to wear sneakers regularly , you know that storing them properly is essential. Protecting them from creases and discoloration is even more important .

Shoe crease protectors are convenient protective sleeves that fit snugly over your shoes to keep creases from forming when you pull them off or put them on. They come in different sizes and materials , so there’s a shoe crease protector for every type of shoe you own .

What Are Shoe Crease Protectors ?

Shoe crease protectors are soft fabric sleeves that go over your shoes. They fit securely and snugly over your shoes , are made of soft material, and come in a variety of colors to match your outfits . They protect your shoes from wrinkles, dirt, and dust when you store them or just wear them.

What Are Some Common Types of Shoe Crease Protectors ?

Many shoe crease protectors are made of thin fabric or felt. These are ideal for casual, every day shoes like sneakers or boots. They’re also good for protecting delicate dress shoes. For shoes with delicate leather or suede uppers , choose a shoe crease protector made of fabric that’s hardier and more tear-resistant .

These protectors are also made from stretchy materials . These are best for shoes that aren’t worn often , such as formal shoes such as high heels or boots you’d wear on special occasions. The stretchy material stays in place when you bend down to put on or take off your shoes, so it’s less prone to creasing than other types of shoe crease protectors.

How Are Shoe Crease Protectors Different Than Shoe Bags ?

Shoe bags are bags designed for storing your shoes in your closet or on a shelf. Shoe crease protectors are made of thick fabric that completely covers your shoes , so they create a barrier between your sneakers and dust and dirt. You don’t have to remove your sneakers from their shoe crease protectors when you dust them or do other cleaning tasks.

Shoe crease protectors are great for storing shoes that you don’t wear often or want exposed to dust and dirt when you do wear them. However , shoe bags, which are thicker and sturdier than shoe crease protectors, also work well for storing and cleaning shoes .

How Do Shoe Crease Protectors Keep Your Shoes From Getting Wrinkled ?

When you pull your shoes out of a box or closet , they take up a lot of ” room” and create wrinkles, even if you don’t move them around much. Over time, these wrinkles can get larger and harder to remove. When you store your shoes in a shoe crease protector, the creases stay inside the protector and don’t transfer to your sandals when you’re wearing them.

Where Do You Put a Shoe Crease Protector When You Put Shoes Away?

Putting a shoe crease protector on your shoes before you put them away keeps them from getting wrinkled as you stack them up or place them in a drawer. Place a shoe crease protector over a pair of shoes you want to put on a shelf or another flat surface to protect them from dust and dirt.

Place the shoe crease protector over the shoes you’re storing vertically or flat on top of each other on shelves or in a drawer. If you’re storing more than one pair of shoes together, place a shoe crease protector between each pair of shoe boxes to keep them from rubbing against each other and causing scratches or scuff marks.

How Do You Use Shoe Crease Protectors?

When you remove your shoes from the box or closet, roll them up and put them into a shoe crease protector. Put as many shoes as you need to into a shoe crease protector, depending on how many pairs you have to store at a time and where you plan to store them. Store the shoe crease protectors with the shoes you’re storing rather than tucking them away somewhere else in your closet.

When you wear your shoes again, remove them from the shoe crease protector and place them back in the box or closet. If the shoe crease protector is dirty or dusty, remove it before putting your sneakers back in the closet.

How to Clean Shoe Crease Protectors?

To clean a shoe crease protector, wipe it gently with a damp cloth or vacuum it with a handheld vacuum attachment to remove any dust and dirt particles. If it gets dirty while you’re wearing it, you can remove it by pulling it out of the shoe and shaking out the dust with your hands.

Where to Buy Shoe Crease Protectors?

Buy shoe crease protectors at shoe stores and online. They’re available in several different styles and materials, so there’s a shoe crease protector for every type of shoe you own. You’ll also find them in many shoe stores at discounted prices.

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Basics Of Layering Fragrances

Fashion - Mamie - September 29, 2020

There are more than a thousand perfumes to choose from, and yet most of us find it difficult to find the perfect one. Save your nose from sniffing all those bottles in search of the scent that is just right for you, instead, learn how to wear your existing perfume better.

Layering fragrances is the practice of integrating the right scents into your beauty routine to enhance the use of your perfume. To put it in simpler words, it is like selecting a shower gel and lotion that will make your fragrance last longer. You can also change how it smells a bit by wearing it in different ways. Here are some tips that you can use to be successful in layering fragrances.

Choose simple scents

Simple scents are best for layering. Try vanilla, amber, or coconut-based scents because they are easy to layer with other scents. You may also go for one and two-note scents like what Gucci did with their Flora Garden Collection that has five scents from five different flowers. The scents are very simple because they are pure.

Pick a fragrance in a set

If you are looking for bath and body brands for your layering, pick a set. If you purchased a vanilla body scrub, then it should also be vanilla for your shower gel, cleanser, lotion, and so on. Some products may not smell exactly the same, but the most important here is the fact that their primary scent should be from one source only. Using products from the same set will intensify your fragrance and make it last longer.

Change your scent by using a different lotion

Some people change their scents depending on the season. For example, during fall, most people use more exotic scents. You don’t need five perfumes for five seasons; changing your lotion for the one with an amber scent can do the trick for you. Amber is easy to layer with other scents and can warm up your fragrance.

Consider your shower gel as your skin foundation

Body wash scent doesn’t last that long, but it affects the perfume you use. When you use a shower gel, you get a fresh scent instantly. You can use one that has the same scent as your perfume, or you can choose the basic scent, which is lime and green for that after-shower fragrance.

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