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Collagen Therapy- Eye Treatment

Eye Care, Guide - Mamie - March 18, 2022

When the body falls prey to illness, you go to the doctor for treatment and take the medicines prescribed to you, right? However, nowadays youngsters and affluent folks only visit a doctor or surgeon to enhance their looks as they feel they’re god’s gift to the world.

Boys and girls visit the local salon or spa once or twice a week especially the latter as they don’t mind spending a fortune in the beauty parlor to become the cynosure of all eyes.

Skin conditions sometimes get neglected when the discussion is about ailments and aren’t taken as seriously as the life threatening ones. Some have sensitive skin while others have dry skin and yet there are others that have rough ones.

Microneedling, better known by its medical term Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is an important remedy for skin conditions that is practiced even today and this there are new theories that many surgeons are coming up with regards to its technique.

Eye Care

Today we’ll discuss about microneedling under eyes because there are people that are completely aware that it is a procedure for treating acne issues and dark circles as well.

Sterile needles of small size are used for piercing your skin and getting rid of dirt so as to give it a clean, glowing look. The needle size depends on the skin condition of the patient and the amount of dirt surrounding the layers of the skin.

Small needles aren’t enough to penetrate deep into the inner layers of the skin as they can’t go beyond the topmost layer called epidermis. For eyes, the needling is done so that the pierced skin produces collagen, which is a structural protein found in numerous tissues connecting the muscles and nerves.

It is a foolproof way to release collagen so that the dead skin cells and waste particles are disposed off so as to give a shiny and youthful look to the skin, which would explain why the folks that opt for microneedling look a lot younger than their actual age.

Dark circles and translucent skin is a major problem for film stars for whom their face is their bread and butter that allows them to get plum roles in movies. They are the ones that go for plastic surgery at regular intervals and microneedling too is an added bonus in this regard.

Safety Measures

There are side effects of microneedling although it is minimal when done under the eyes. They include swelling, acute reddish skin, discoloration, etc. although sometimes the wounds have to be treated so that it doesn’t reopen and cause bleeding.

The surgeon will ask your medical history to make sure that your skin is safe enough to go through the procedure that costs $100-$500 per session where you have to pay for multiple sessions afterwards.

Your medical history and medications that you’re taking will decide whether your body can take side effects that are caused during treatment due to these medications.

First your face will be applied with an anesthesia cream that will take around 20 minutes to take effect following which the procedure will begin. A microneedling pen will be used to pierce the area of skin under the eyes once it is numb and the surgeon will stretch your skin in various directions.

Although minimal, the pen will cause discomfort and irritation during the piercing. If you want you can also take the best microneedling pen for home use after consulting the surgeon after treatment to clean your skin on a regular basis.

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