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Everything To Know About Body Sculpting And What To Do After A Treatment

Coolsculpting - Mamie - May 6, 2022

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Body contouring or sculpting is a procedure to remove the extra on the particular body parts without any surgery or complex process. It helps you to reshape your body by reducing unwanted body fat. And it can make you look attractive. There are different types of body-sculpting procedures, which you can choose according to your preference. This article gives all the essential information about body-sculpting treatment and what you must do after these kinds of treatment.

Different kinds of body-sculpting treatment

  • Cold treatments ( coolsculpting or cryolipolysis)

In these treatments, cold temperatures kill the extra fat cells in a particular area of your body. A device holds the skin (which is selected for fat reduction) for a specific period of time, freezes the fat-producing cells, and kills them. Then these dead cells are removed from your body by your immune system. Other cells remain unharmed because they get frozen at lower temperatures than fat tissues.

  • Laser or heat treatments

SculpSure is an example of a treatment that uses lasers for body sculpting. In this procedure, the device fires laser pulses that travel deep enough in your body to reach the structure of fat cells and demolish them. During this treatment, the targeted area for fat reduction is heated through the lasers to break the fat tissues.

 At the same time, a mechanism also works to cool down your skin to avoid any kind of harm. It is an FDA-approved treatment. You can use it on the flanks, abdomen, thighs, and other body parts with the doctor’s consultation. You can get the results from 9-12 weeks after the laser treatment.

  • Ultrasound lipolysis

These kinds of treatments use ultrasound to remove the excess fat in the particular body parts. Rather than using heavy machinery, in this procedure, a professional technician operates a device around your body to demolish the extra fat by mechanical vibration. Ultrasound treatments are only suggested for the abdomen. This process is also called Ultrashape.

Other kinds of body sculpting are Injection lipolysis and Radiofrequency treatments.

What you must do before and after the treatment?

  • Before going for a treatment, you must consult with the specialist to find that the particular treatment is good for you according to your body shape, weight, and age.
  • Read coolsculpting reviews to be confident about the treatment.
  • Do not eat anything two hours before the treatment and avoid the use of alcohol.
  • After a body-sculpting treatment, a daily massage can increase the chances of the breakdown of fat cells. Try to massage in the circular motions on the treated areas gently. The study has proved that regular massage after the treatment can improve the results by up to 60 %.

  • After and during the treatment, avoid wearing tight clothes. It will reduce the breathing space for the treated area. Wear loose and comfortable clothes to avoid irritation, itching, and selling to get worse.
  • Eat healthy food and avoid high sugar consumption and processed foods.
  • Include a light exercise in your schedule and keep yourself hydrated.

By considering all these things, you can get the best results of the treatment and also enjoy some incredible benefits.

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