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Bad Beauty Habits That You Should Not Bring At Work

Beauty - Mamie - October 10, 2020

We all have bad beauty habits but there are some that should not bring inside the office. It depends on your job if your beauty habits are acceptable but should be aware of the things that may affect your standing in the office which your boss and colleagues notice. Here is a list of the beauty habits you should cross out on your routine while at work.

1. Applying makeup at work

Most of us may be guilty about this since there are really days when we woke up late and had no time to prepare. Nevertheless, putting your entire makeup in the office is highly unprofessional. If you really need to put makeup, do it in the restroom and not on your desk.

2. Too much perfume

You may love your favorite perfume and feels great wearing it but try to spray it lightly as respect to others. Not everyone may appreciate your scent and may result to headaches or allergies to some of your colleagues. How will you know you had too much? Spritz some in the bathroom and walk around. If it leaves an after-smell, you had too much and may use paper towel to run it off.

3. Playing with your hair or nail-biting

Beauty habits are not limited to beauty brands but also to personal habits. Constantly playing with your hair and biting your nails are indication of boredom, lack of confidence or anxiety. The problem is we do it unintentionally so try tying your hair or paint your nails to control these poor habits.

4. Too much makeup

Well, it’s inappropriate to put your makeup on at work but arriving with layers of makeup is also unacceptable. Heavy makeup looks unethical, immature and disturbing too. Unless your boss requires you to sport that style, keep it clean and simple.

5. Looking careless

You don’t need to go to work looking like a beauty queen but at least try to show up neat and clean. Always remember that you are not a one-man company so you have to make sure you look presentable all the time.

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