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Basics Of Layering Fragrances

Fashion - Mamie - September 29, 2020

There are more than a thousand perfumes to choose from, and yet most of us find it difficult to find the perfect one. Save your nose from sniffing all those bottles in search of the scent that is just right for you, instead, learn how to wear your existing perfume better.

Layering fragrances is the practice of integrating the right scents into your beauty routine to enhance the use of your perfume. To put it in simpler words, it is like selecting a shower gel and lotion that will make your fragrance last longer. You can also change how it smells a bit by wearing it in different ways. Here are some tips that you can use to be successful in layering fragrances.

Choose simple scents

Simple scents are best for layering. Try vanilla, amber, or coconut-based scents because they are easy to layer with other scents. You may also go for one and two-note scents like what Gucci did with their Flora Garden Collection that has five scents from five different flowers. The scents are very simple because they are pure.

Pick a fragrance in a set

If you are looking for bath and body brands for your layering, pick a set. If you purchased a vanilla body scrub, then it should also be vanilla for your shower gel, cleanser, lotion, and so on. Some products may not smell exactly the same, but the most important here is the fact that their primary scent should be from one source only. Using products from the same set will intensify your fragrance and make it last longer.

Change your scent by using a different lotion

Some people change their scents depending on the season. For example, during fall, most people use more exotic scents. You don’t need five perfumes for five seasons; changing your lotion for the one with an amber scent can do the trick for you. Amber is easy to layer with other scents and can warm up your fragrance.

Consider your shower gel as your skin foundation

Body wash scent doesn’t last that long, but it affects the perfume you use. When you use a shower gel, you get a fresh scent instantly. You can use one that has the same scent as your perfume, or you can choose the basic scent, which is lime and green for that after-shower fragrance.

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Wedding Items You Mustn’t Save On

Uncategorized - Mamie - September 25, 2020

Wedding is a very important event for a couple and, surely, it must be perfect. It doesn’t mean that you must take a credit and spend money thoughtlessly. Still, there are some wedding items that you mustn’t save on.

1. Photo session

Many couples regret that they haven’t invited a photographer to capture their wedding. The original and funny photos will always remind you one of the happiest days in your life.

2. Professional video

It is important to remember not only about photos, but also about the video. The wedding day will fly by, but you will have a professionally made video. It will be so pleasant to hear the vows and touching wishes from your family or watch the first dance when you want to refresh the memories.

3. Beautiful underwear

The right underwear can change the look of your wedding dress. Therefore, ask a bridal consultant about the lingerie that matches best your dress, and buy the best one you can afford. Beautiful underwear will help you to feel yourself confident and attractive.

4. Fabulous veil

There is the only chance for you to wear a beautiful veil or a tiara, unless you plan to marry one more time. Don’t skimp on it, go and buy the veil you dreamed about.

5. Hairdo and makeup

Probably, you can make up and do hair, but a professional stylist knows better what makeup is good for on-camera look. Chatting with your bridesmaids and drinking a glass of champagne, while the stylist does your make up and hair, will relax you before the ceremony.

6. Professional photo album

You can create an album by yourself, but your wedding photographer knows how to put your photos in the best way. You can even work together and design a unique collection of the happiest moments of your wedding.

7. Honeymoon

Think about the place you’ve always dreamed to go. Even if you don’t have enough money, such websites like can pay a part of your trip, from air tickets to dinners.

Your wedding is the event that happens once in the life, therefore don’t save on these items.

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Tips on Planning For the Cost of Your Braces

Lifestyle - Mamie - September 19, 2020

Often times, we tend to forget considering to plan for the cost of orthodontic treatments or braces. Now that orthodontic treatment has become more popular, a lot of parents have started to anticipate this extra cost and are searching for means to effectively prepared and plan for an orthodontic treatment that’ll fix and set the foundation for their kid’s smile. Here are some tips to help you out with this:

Make sure to plan a lot in advance

According to the American Association of Orthodontics suggests that children should start to see a dentist at the age of 7. Such early exams are usually corresponding diagnoses done by an accredited expert that most frequently leads to future observation until all permanent have gone off. Though your dentist examines skeletal issues, trauma to the teeth, or potential tooth impactions, they may stop the requirement for costly surgeries in the future or a lifetime oral health problems with a brief period of treatment.

Basing from your first visit, we suggest that you start saving as frequently if you can. If you can pay for the expenses required for your braces, it will be less stressful for individuals or parents. If that’s not possible, payment plans may be offered based on the need and cost.

Keep in mind that cheaper is usually costlier

As you buy commodities such as toiletries, brand name, streaming services, books, and more, always keep in mind that cheaper is better since the product is unchanging. However, when it comes to dental and medical care, cheaper services will usually let you spend more money over time.

In dentistry, poor quality and temporary fixes don’t last. Moreover, improper bites can usually harm your teeth, which will cost you even more money to have it fixed sooner or later. Time is the biggest hidden charge in orthodontic treatment. You’ll be required to attend appointments every 4 to 8 weeks potentially for several years, which is free time or time off that you can’t get back.

Think about the available payment plans

There are also a lot of financing options that individuals can utilize to minimize the braces’ cost, which can help minimize what may appear to be a high-ticket price down to practical monthly payments.

Thankfully, tons of orthodontia and dental work can be paid now with the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) that gives extra flexibility in payment methods.

Regularly see your orthodontist

If you’re one of those people who religiously attend regular checkups, follow up with their pediatric dentist and get any needed maintenance completed, costs and treatments are likely spread out eventually, which makes orthodontia more cost-effective.

If you come to your dentist after intermittent dental visits, expect that you’ll be needing more dental work to be done before an orthodontist can start the procedure for braces.

Are you prepared and decided to get orthodontic treatment today? If so, consult the best dentist 77433 in Cypress now.

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How Do I Get My Loved One Into An Alcohol Rehab

Health - Mamie - September 19, 2020

Finding a Rehab Center

Do you feel like your loved one needs to check themselves into an alcohol rehab? Are you starting to worry about their health and well-being, but you don’t know what to do in order to get them into some type of a treatment program? We are going to help you answer these questions plus a few more in this article so I suggest you continue reading this information if this is a topic that you find to be of some real importance to you. So let’s dig into it a little bit more thoroughly right now.

Staging an Alcohol Intervention

The best way for you to approach your friend or family member about alcohol rehab is to do so from the standpoint of an alcohol abuse intervention. This is a situation where you will get as large a group of friends and family members as possible together so that you can get them all in one room and confront the alcoholic about their drinking problem.

You are going to try and point out how much their drinking is negatively affecting your life as well as theirs, and you’re going to do your best to talk them into entering a treatment facility for alcohol addiction so that they can finally get well and move past this addiction.

One thing that a lot of people aren’t often comfortable with regarding an intervention is the fact that you have to lay down an ultimatum with the alcoholic right on the spot. There’s no avoiding this because the whole reason you are intervening in their life is to get them into an alcohol rehab, so you’re going to obviously have to demand that they enter the rehab program or get cut off from the group of you until they clean up their act.

This often makes the alcoholic feel like they are being abandoned and it also often makes the people in the life of the alcoholic feel like they are abandoning the person. But it’s honestly one of the best ways to convince an alcoholic that they truly need help because all of you people wouldn’t get together in this capacity if you didn’t truly believe that there was a real problem.

Although the alcoholic in your life isn’t going to want to hear what you have to say to them, they very well could submit to your will and the will of the group because deep down inside they know they have a problem and they want to get help with it anyway. So you’ll just be doing your best to point them in the right direction, and giving them another option that they probably don’t even believe they’ve had all along.

So going the intervention route is definitely going to be the best way for you to get your loved one into an alcohol rehab. It is extremely effective when done right, and there is something like a 90% chance that the alcoholic will enter a treatment program if an intervention takes place. Those are definitely the kind of odds you want in your favor.

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Six Best Places To Retire Abroad

Uncategorized - Mamie - September 19, 2020

Over the 20th century, tens of thousands of American retirees from New England, the Midwest, and even California have left their homes to spend their pension years at so-called Sun Belt, enjoying warm weather and low taxes. Nowadays, more and more American retirees choose to move much farther than Sun Belt and have a new life in Asia, South America, and Europe. Thousands want to stretch retirement dollars, while foreign countries are eager to attract them and boost their economies. Americans can choose any country they want as the average income of $2,000 is more than enough to live in splendor.

Here is the list of six best places to retire abroad.

Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thailand has become a mecca for American and European retirees thanks to its low cost of living and wonderful weather. Chiang Mai is cheap even if compared with the rest of Thai cities. An American retiree can live their like a king for just $2,000 a month. For example, a 1,200-square-foot condo can cost one about $400 per month. Groceries can run up the bill of a little more than $50 a month, while restaurant costs do not exceed $100. Chiang Mai has Western-style restaurants and other facilities. Medical coverage in Thailand is paid, but professional and instantaneous. For example, a dentist check-up can cost one about $17, while an emergency spinal fusion can cost over $9,300.

Guam. The island offers a lot of benefits for American retirees, such as warm weather, a perfect climate, English as the first language, and US dollar as the main currency. Guam is considered to be an alternative to Hawaii: it has lower prices but the same weather. One can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $400 a month or buy a home for $200,000. Groceries are costly, but restaurant prices are not different from the US mainland. US citizens can use their Medicare in Guam.

Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is a perfect option for American retires who need to spend thousands of dollars on health care. The city does have expensive housing prices, but its cosmopolitan character and advantages of the Canadian health care can be good reasons to move north from Seattle.

Valencia, Spain. Eurozone crisis lowered real estate prices in Spain, making this Mediterranean nation affordable for thousands of American retirees who can expect to buy a house for $200,000 or a one-bedroom apartment for $66,000. Rents are rather cheap too ($780 for a two-bedroom apartment in the very center of Valencia). Groceries are cheaper, and taxes are lower. Health care is also cheaper. Valencia is a great option for retirees who want to travel across Europe.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires may be one of the most expensive cities in South America, but it is still a great choice compared to American cities. One can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $400 or buy one for $70,000. Bills do not exceed $100 per month. Transportation and health care are affordable and of high quality. Dining is costly, though. For example, one can spend $25-45 to have a decent meal out.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Situated 75 miles from Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan is a great spot for American retirees. The village is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes and boasts with spring-like temperatures all through the year. One can rent a waterfront house for $300 a month. Dining is cheap. Groceries are affordable too. One can hire a nurse ($20 per day) or a maid ($10 per day). To note, use taxis to between the cities. They are cheap and safe. All in all, one will hardly need over $1,000 per month to live at Lake Atitlan.

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